Are You Interested in Software Development?

There are many good reasons to learn programming. Perhaps you are good at math and enjoy solving complex problems. Maybe you want to be overcoming challenges and growing as a person, writing software which helps millions of people every single day. Or maybe you just want an awesome job which gives you security, a fat paycheck, and crazy office perks.

And how about becoming a digital nomad? Traveling around the world and working from anywhere just using your laptop. Working from the beach, having no boss, being free…

Whatever your reasons might be, this website was created for you!

Understand Programming Concepts

As a programming student, you are often expected to understand concepts which may seem unintuitive. Arrays, threads, generics, OOP… And to make matters worse, you often have a limited time to grasp all of this. Sure, the internet is full of different materials, but you may find it difficult to navigate the vast number of resources. Furthermore, these articles/tutorials are written for the general public. But what if you have specific questions? I can answer all of your questions and explain these things to you in a way that you will actually understand. This will save you a lot of learning time.

See Practical Applications of What You Learn

Understanding algorithms, data structures and all the different programming concepts is cool and all, but why do you need to learn them in the first place? How can you use these things in real-life software? I can explain to you the problems these concepts are meant to solve and show you examples of real code which you can study.

Work On Projects That Keep You Motivated

By this time you may have coded a few example algorithms from a tutorial. While these examples may have helped you understand the underlining concepts, they have no practical use. And how should you continue after the tutorial ends? Software development is not about building useless examples. Its about solving real life problems, overcoming challenges and helping people. It’s easy to loose motivation when you don’t have anything meaningful to build. Together we can figure out a usable application which you can build and actually use for yourself and share with your friends. This way, you will be excited to work on this project and learn all the necessary things in the process.

Know How To Make Design Decisions and Why

Software development is full of decisions. Should you create a private method or rather create a whole separate class? Should it be an instance variable a static variable? Making decisions can be difficult especially if you aren’t experienced yet. And to make it worse you often get conflicting advice. The book your reading says something, but Stack Overflow tells you something completely different. With my experience, I can give you advice on how to do things, and also explain why is best to do it that way. This will help you make your own decisions whenever you encounter a similar problem. I can also give you feedback on your code to point out what you are doing right and where you need to improve.

Who am I?

My name is Jaro Brtis and I help people learn all the necessary skills to apply for a job as a Java developer over the course of 12 weeks without getting confused and losing motivation.

Let’s have a free consultation session, where I will analyze your current situation and desired goals. Then I will give you a custom learning strategy tailored exactly for your needs.

On the call, we can decide if we want to continue working together or not. There is no commitment on your or my side. Even if we won’t continue working together, you will still get a lot of value from the call.

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